Wrist Tattoos

What is it about women and wrist tattoo's? Everywhere you look these days you see a woman with some sort of tattoo on their wrist. This has become almost as popular as the “tramp stamp” that women are getting these days. In this article I will try to dissect this sudden craze among women and tell you about the various choices that women have when deciding on this type of design.Wrist tattoos are a popular choice for women because of their bracelet-like allure.

They give the illusion of jewelry, so to speak. But a wrist tattoo is so versatile that it can express alot of many things, depending on the design and style you choose.First most women decide to have a ring tattooed on their wrist this is the most popular type of design as women can add their own flair to the design. Some women will place a small design within the ring, this can be a single small design or several other designs within the ring.

One drawback to this type of tattoo is the fact that it may not be suitable for your place of work. Many places of business ban any type of visible tattoos of any kind, therefore a wrist tattoo is not a good option. If you are determined to have this tattoo then you may have to find an alternative method to conceal it while you are at work

One wrist tattoo design that is growing in popularity is the chain link design. Here the wrist has a ring of chain links that are connected with a common design that connects the links together. I am particularly fond of this one since my girlfriend has it on her wrist. Ask any man these day and they will tell you that nothing is as hot as a woman that has a wrist tattoo, this is especially true if the tattoo is partially covered with the sleeves of a shirt or sweater. I will leave you with the same advice that I have for any type of tattoo.

Do your research, look throughly into the type of design that you want to have. Before you do that though you need to check and make sure that you will be able to have your tattoo. If not find out what kind of ways are acceptable for concealing it while at work. Remember this is a decision that you will have to live with for the rest of your life, so choose wisely.

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