Monday, November 16, 2015

Lower Back Tattoos Are Cool for Men and Women

let's face it, when we see a woman with a lower back tattoo all kinds of thoughts run through our heads.We get all kinds of ideas in our head.  For me, I find a lower back tattoo on a woman to be very sexy and erotic. Most times when you see one it is half covered with their jeans or the waist band of their underwear, this makes a guy want to see more.

On the womans side of things a lower back tattoo makes sense, unlike other parts of the body like the wrist or neck the lower back tattoo can be concealed by their shirt for times when they are at work and such. When they are out on the town they can show a little of it, and be sensual without really trying.This is actually how I met my current girlfriend, I noticed her tattoo on her lower back and started making small talk about it. To this day I still find it sexy and provocative. When it comes to getting a lower back tattoo women have several choices that they can go with as far as design.Women can choose from butterflies, some sort of winged design, birds and a vast array of other designs. A lower back tattoo gives a woman sort of a bit of intrigue, and it allows a woman to express herself in her personal life without disturbing her business life.

The trend of the lower back tattoo is something that is kind of new, not many people had seen or heard of  someone who placed one in such a unique place. Prior women would get one on their ankle, or their shoulder but with the lower back tattoo or as it is more commonly referred to as the “tramp stamp” this allowed her to show her personality and not have to reveal half her body for a person to see it.In closing the lower back tattoo has given women a new weapon to use in the world of flirting, after all it allows them to tease guys and they never have to say or do a single thing. 

The lower back tattoo can be fun, sexy, mysterious and often times a visiable expression of a womans independence and creativity. The only thing to remember with a lower back tattoo is just like any other tattoo you have to make sure you get what you want the first time cause after it is done it will be hard to undo.